The features that'll let you
conquer the world

Services Management

For each service you're offering, create a new Service through Viccer. You'll be able to add a rich description, images gallery, pricing options, features, questions...

Online Visibility

You can choose to make your Viccer System available to anyone on the Internet. Choose for each service whether it's private or public. You can also open/close the registration process. We'll take care of the SEO.

Payments & Invoices

Viccer allows you to accept online transactions through Paypal, you can manage offline payments as well. An invoice will be created right away for your customer, using your own details.

Jobs Management

Whenever an order is proceeded, a job will be created. Your team can send files, messages and revisions to the customer. Update the job's timeline as you wish till the job is finished. Share crendentials and invoice in a minute.

Messages & File Sharing

You can chat through Viccer and send as many messages as you wish to your customers and teammates. Any user will have his own inbox (email notifications can be managed). You can also share any file though Viccer, they'll be safely saved on the cloud (Amazon servers).

Safe credentials sharing

Viccer is using SSL certificates to exchange data between your browser and our servers. All passwords and credentials sent through Viccer jobs (or your profile) are encrypted in our database, using top notch hashing functions.

Brand Experience

Your brand new system will be completely customizable. Select its main color, cover image, logo, layers' opacity and color... You can even add custom CSS to make it like home.

Unlimited Articles

Create articles to take some informations up to your customers. Such as a policy page, news article, tutorial... You can add images and format your text using Markdown syntax.

Team Management

You can add your fellow teammates to Viccer so they can help completing ordered jobs by posting new files or new messages on them. You can manage their profile and access to your system.

Unlimited Customers

You can create and manage any customer account through Viccer. All of your customers will have a complete profile where they can edit their details, avatar and even customize their dashboard.

7/7 Help Support

We are here to answer any question you might have in your mind. Just drop us a ticket through our contact page. We're also looking for any idea that could improve Viccer. Just get in touch, we'll be there.

Mobiles and Tablets friendly

Viccer is ready for any device available and interpreted as a Web application (full screen mode, bookmark icons...). Supporting all the modern browsers and technologies.